Enchanced Visibility

We provide real-time tracking of cargo containers, ensuring safe deliveries and reducing uncertainties.

Reduced Delays

Experience smoother transitions through ports, avoid potential demurrage charges, and minimize delays.

Optimized Logistics

We help you optimize your routes and logistics while potentially reducing transit times and costs.

Marine Trace offers

Efficient Cargo Tracking and
Customs Solutions

Our cutting-edge RFID technology to track international cargo containers works hand in hand with powerful software that automates customs information preparation for seamless port destination processes.

Unlock the Power Of

Smart Cargo Management At Your Fingertips

Marine Trace revolutionizes the way you manage international cargo. With our advanced RFID tracking system and intelligent software, you can simplify your supply chain operations and ensure accurate cargo tracking by monitoring your goods at all stages of the journey.

Furthermore, our pre-formatted and prepared customs information allows for quicker processing of cargo containers, enhancing throughput and operational efficiency.

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